Sunday, November 1, 2009

Field Notes

1. The book starts off in startling fashion. Statistics about global warming from the Charney report, such as the disappearance of the glaciers by 2030 give an instant edginess to it. When she flies into Alaska and the woman tells her that dogs were just wearing masks to battle the smog, it sets the tone of what the author is looking for.
2. I’m a little confused with something on page 18. Is “five P.M.” correct? It looked funny to me, but what do I know. Overall, her writing is outstanding. It’s solid and very easy to follow for a scientific book, simplifying global warming to a more personal level.
3. Kolbert’s time spent with Romanovsky was crucial to the book. For a guy who has lived in Alaska since 1967 to say personally that it’s getting warmer made the first part of this book much better.

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