Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Field Notes 2

Kolbert presents a lot of strong evidence in proving that global warming exists. I think the findings that Co2 levels increasing causing a blanket of warmth over the Earth is a pretty impactful fact. Also, reports that the ice sheets are no longer stable, but instead floating on a layer of water.

However, though I am a believer that global warming does exist, I am beginning to believe that this book is more of a persuasion than a factual presentation of the issue of global warming. Though all of these facts Kolbert gives are great observations, I am waiting for a defense. What angles against global warming could be presented? Even if the angles could be presented in a light that made them look bad compared to her angle on the book, it would still show WHY global warming is right.

As far as her writing is concerned, descriptions are the key. If there is any question of what she is talking about, it will eventually be explained with further reading. Her random information is used to break the reading up well, making a scientific book seem more like a person-to-person story.

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