Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mr. Hawking

Discover’s article regarding the life and achievements of physicist Steven Hawking was an excellent profile. Though it was very long, I felt it went through his life very methodically. If I were to give it a grade, it would have to be a 90. The lede is terrific, setting the scene of an enormous figure, only to have it be someone who can barely move his hand enough to signal his speech machine. I give that 20 of 20. For content, if there was anything I needed to know about Hawking, I know it now. From his days of college partying to marriage and contracting ALS to his theories, no stone was left unturned in his life. That also receives a 20 of 20. The writing structure and organization both receive full credit as well. His life was spelled out beautifully from the start to today, and the writing was great. The only quarrel I have with this article is the clarity of the scientific information. I don’t really know what half his material was, and though I understand it was concerning astrophysics, it may have been better if it was simplified. That gets a 10. Overall, it was a great and interesting article.

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